Accredited agencies

Global Network Group establishes agency's worldwide for our records and labels.
This is to ensure that there is for all candidates / certificate holders a local or sectorial point of contact available.
The tasks and responsibilities may vary by agency.
Agencies are involved in managing and developing the scope related registers & directories in order to provide direct benifit for their (former) students, trainees and members. Therefore our accredited agencies have a substantial advantage over organizations that have no agency agreement.
An agency may be accredited for:
  1. Professional basic training
  2. Continuing Professional Development
  3. Organizing and conducting exams (tests)
  4. Registration handling
Being an agency means direct benefits for your (former) students, trainees, members and for your own organization.
  • Options available on dedicated subtyping, knowledge- and skills tests
  • Tailormade fee structure possible
  • Automatic recognition without cost of your CPD program (ongoing education)
  • 1 full voting position in the ICC council and the applicable regional council
  • And more: it is possible to make more exclusive customized agreements per individual agency
  • Directly improve your competitiveness compared with not affiliated competitors
  • Being actively involved in and contribute to the scope related directory or register and therefore always have an information advantage
  • Being an agency is always a win-win for all involved
Click here for the overview of all accredited agencies.
Interested? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities and benefits for your organization!