Leading hypnotherapist | hypnosiscoach John Dutton joins Global Network Group in IHR Register | ICR Coach Register

Johannesburg, March 9 2016

Global Network Group (GNG) is very proud to announce that one of the leading hypnotherapists | hypnosiscoaches in South Africa, John Dutton, has joined two of its subsidiary companies - IHR Register (International Hypnotherapy Register) & ICR Coach Register - and has been granted honorary membership within these Registers.

Born in Great Britain, John moved to South Africa and became an Operations Director of a national retail concern; there he started to develop communication skills training programs. He became recognized as a leading International Communication Skills Trainer, working in countries such as Egypt, Cameroon and Nigeria, and for companies in the UK, Germany and Dubai. He started practicing NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) in the late 70s and has adapted this in his Hypnosis Techniques and his teaching of Therapists. John has treated and researched with over 11000 people, specializing in the Stress, Depression and the Anxiety spectrum. He has also worked with abused children and adults, rape victims and various trauma cases. He is now recognized globally for his work and also as one of Africa’s leading researchers and trainers in the field of Modern clinical Hypnosis.

Dutton is also well known for his work in areas such as “Anger Management” and hypnosis in criminal Forensics. Based in Durban he facilitates throughout Africa and his key focus is to teach people to communicate and understand each other thus enhancing everyone’s lifestyle and coping mechanisms. He is the author of Behind The Hypnotists Eyes and is currently working on two others publications to be released in 2016.

GNG has now branched out into Africa with an office in Johannesburg, South Africa at the beginning of 2016. The joining of Mr. Dutton is a testimony to both the success of this plan of expansion as well as the quality standards of the IHR Register.

IHR Register certifies IHR practitioners (hypnotherapists, hypnosiscoaches) & their companies worldwide.

ICR Coach Register certifies professional coaches.

Both registers are 100% independent. Alle practitioners comply with annual CPD requirements, respect the code of conduct and are subject to rules for complaints & disciplinary action. Both Registers are ISO 9001:2008 certified, a subsidiary of Global Network Group and supervised by the ICC Council, ECC Council, Lloyds register, and is prospected to be supervised by the African Certification Council (ACC) upon finalization of its establishment.

For more information about Global Network Group and IHR Register | ICR Coach Register please contact:

Theresa Du Preez, branch manager Global Network Group Africa

Email: southafrica.gng@global-network-group.eu or cell: +27 (0)82 712 5680 or landline +27(0)10 593 5017

Robert Tettelaar, CEO Global Network Group Europe