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Since January 1st 2015 ICR coach register is the independent and worldwide register for active and professional coaches

ICR practitioners | business coaches, childc oaches, conflict coaches, hypnosis coaches, inheritance coaches, language coaches, NLP coaches, psychologist coaches

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  • unique combination of personal and company-related registration and certification
  • 100% independent register
  • ICR certificates of competence & approval work locally, nationally and internationally. Boundless work!
  • ICR Register is ISO 9001:2008 certified by Lloyds Register
  • Our certification procedures are ISO 17024 based
  • Subsequent to your education and the achievement of the knowledge test enroll as associate certificate holder, and then grow up to five years for full certificate holder
  • Start your own business with ICR practice-oriented model documents and ICR basic business registration
  • The only register with focus on the entire coaching scope so that you will not limit your client and can provide the appropriate coaching solution
  • Registration and certification possible for business coaches, child coaches, conflict coaches, hypnosis coaches, inheritage coaches, language coaches, NLP coaches, psychologist coaches
  • ICR Register is market, practical and future oriented
  • We are always on the move and looking for (market) features and improvements!

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  • Completion of the entire procedure almost always within two working days of submission!

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