Accredited education & training

Before applying for registration and certification a scope related accredited education & training program must be completed.
Please find at this page an overview of all accredited programs.
  • Agencies can be accredited and appointed for
    • (1) professional basic training
    • (2) continuing professional development (CPD)
    • (3) organizing and conducting exams (tests)
    • (4) registrationhandling
  • Agencies offer (graduated) students several benefits, such as discounts on education programs and training, CPD and agency-tests. Several agencies offer a 'all-inclusive' program for basic training, knowledge test, skillstest and skillstraining.
  • Only for (graduated) students of our agencies:
    • (1) Knowledge test free of costs
    • (2) 25% discount on skillstests.
    • Only applicable if the tests are operated by ICR coach register and not by an agency.
  • We highly recommend to follow all your education and training programs with an accredited agency!
Stand-alone accreditation
  • If an institute is not an agency and does not want to become an agency it is possible to get a specific program accreditation.
  • These institutes are not accredited to handle tests.
  • No discounts or privileges for (graduated) students!
Individual accreditation
  • If you did not complete an accredited program however you did complete a simular program you can apply for an individual accreditation.
  • Your curriculum will examed against our criteria for the professional scope related training.
  • Please contact our office for more information and a quotation.
Overview accredited education & training programs
1. All education & training programs of our accredited agencies. CLICK HERE for an overview of all our agencies including the specific accreditation.
2. Individual accreditation. Please contact our office for information and quotation.
3. Professional education and training programs accredited or handled by:
  • American board for hypnotherapy (ABH) (scope: hypnosiscoach)
  • American board for NLP (ABNLP) (scope: NLP-coach)
  • Comensa South Africa (scope: coach)
  • European mentoring & coaching council (EMCC) (scope: coach)
  • Dutch council for coaches (NOBCO) (scope: coach)
  • South African Modern Hypnosis Academy (SAMHA) (scope: hypnosis-coach)